About us

PIGMENTOCRACIA is an organization with the mission to transform narratives revolving around brown skin and American indigenous phenotype at a structural, institutional, and individual level. Utilizing mass media and pop culture as platforms for change and racial justice, inclusion and equity.

In Mexico, darker skin
tones are more frequent
among those who come
from the 20% poorest

Whereas lighter skin
prevail among those
who come from the 20%
richest families.

2.0% of Mexicans

self-identify as afro descendants.
- INEGI 2020 Census

82% of models

in ad displays of Mexican magazines have light skin tones.
-Teliz, Silvia. Universidad Panamericana 2020.

88% of people

in Mexico declare to have brown or dark skin.
-OXFAM 2019 based on INEGI 2016 data

373% higher

risk of not finishing elementary school for indigenous-language speaker women vs non-indigenous-language speaker ones. - OXFAM 2019.

People with light skin tones have double the chance of being among

the richest 20%.

- PRODER, ColMex 2019.

En la televisión mexicana no hay morenos

Julio Vallejo,
Director de Pigmentocracia

What We Do


The road to racial justice and reconciliation is based on education and awareness. We focus in promoting change through seminars, workshops, and community outreach of history, movements, and data about structural racism and its consequences in Mexico and within the Latinx community in the United States.


We help individuals, projects and organizations understand and internalize concepts about Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI) through knowledge, sensibilization and training within their own cultural context. Our methodology is focused on strategies and actions with a direct impact on the professional environment and media representation, both in front and behind the camera.